Robly Tutorial 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Robly Tutorial 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, where engagement and deliverability can make or break your email campaigns, Robly stands out as a beacon of innovation. This cutting-edge email marketing platform is engineered with the latest technologies to ensure your messages not only reach your audience’s inboxes but also capture their attention. With its unique set of features, including AI-driven send times, advanced segmentation, and interactive design tools, Robly is tailored to elevate your email marketing game to unprecedented levels. As we navigate through the ever-evolving landscape of 2024, mastering the tools and techniques that drive successful email campaigns is more crucial than ever. This Robly tutorial is designed with a clear objective: to guide both new and seasoned marketers through the process of leveraging Robly’s comprehensive suite of features. From crafting captivating emails that resonate with your audience to analyzing the intricate data behind your campaigns, our journey will unlock the full potential of Robly, enabling you to enhance your email marketing strategies effectively.

Whether you’re looking to improve engagement rates, boost deliverability, or simply streamline your email marketing processes, this guide promises to be an invaluable resource. So, let’s dive in and explore how Robly can transform your email marketing efforts in 2024, setting your brand apart in a crowded digital marketplace.

Getting Started with Robly

Embarking on your journey with Robly, an advanced email marketing platform, begins with a simple signup process and initial exploration of its user-friendly interface. This guide will walk you through creating your Robly account, setting up your profile, and give you an introduction to navigating the dashboard and utilizing its main features effectively.

Signing Up and Account Setup

Step 1: Creating a Robly Account

  • Visit the Robly Website: Start by navigating to the Robly homepage. Look for the “Sign Up” or “Get Started” button, which is usually prominently displayed.
  • Enter Your Details: You will be prompted to enter basic information such as your name, email address, and a password. Some plans may require additional business information.
  • Choose Your Plan: Robly offers various plans tailored to different needs, from basic to advanced features. Select the plan that best suits your marketing goals. Consider starting with a trial version if available, to explore Robly’s features before committing to a purchase.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Profile

  • Complete Your Profile: Once logged in, navigate to your account settings to complete your profile. Input your company details, upload a logo, and set your time zone.
  • Configure Your Settings: Explore the settings to customize your account further, including email preferences, integration options, and security settings.

Understanding Robly’s Interface

Dashboard Overview

  • Upon completing your account setup, you’ll be directed to the Robly dashboard. This central hub provides a snapshot of your email marketing activities, including recent campaigns, performance metrics, and quick access to create new campaigns.

Navigating the Main Features

  • Campaign Manager: This is where you’ll create, manage, and send your email campaigns. The campaign manager offers tools for designing emails, selecting recipients, and scheduling delivery.
  • Contact Lists: Robly allows you to organize your subscribers into lists. Navigate to the “Contacts” section to import existing contacts, create new lists, and manage subscriber details.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Access comprehensive analytics on your campaigns’ performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. This section is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and making data-driven decisions.
  • Automation and Segmentation: Explore the features that enable you to automate email sequences and segment your audience based on behavior, preferences, or demographics, enhancing the personalization and relevance of your campaigns.

Exploring Additional Tools

  • Robly also provides a range of additional tools and features, such as A/B testing capabilities, email verification services, and integrations with other platforms. Familiarize yourself with these tools to maximize your email marketing strategy.

Getting started with Robly is a straightforward process designed to quickly integrate you into the platform’s ecosystem. By taking the time to set up your account and explore Robly’s interface, you’ll be well-equipped to harness the full potential of this powerful email marketing solution. Dive into Robly’s diverse features, and begin crafting engaging, effective email campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive results.

Building Your First Email Campaign

Building an impactful email campaign with Robly involves a series of strategic steps, from designing your email to targeting the right audience and finally, scheduling and dispatching your campaign. Here’s a detailed guide to creating your first email campaign with Robly, ensuring it resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand identity.

Designing Your Email

Step 1: Access the Email Editor

  • Begin by navigating to the Robly dashboard and selecting the option to create a new email campaign. This will take you to Robly’s intuitive email editor.

Step 2: Choose a Template

  • Robly offers a wide array of customizable templates designed for various types of email campaigns, from newsletters and promotions to event invitations.
  • Browse through the template gallery and select one that best matches the purpose of your campaign. Consider the layout, style, and elements that align with your brand identity.

Step 3: Customize Your Design

  • Once you’ve chosen a template, use Robly’s drag-and-drop editor to customize the design. You can add your brand’s logo, images, text, and links to make your email visually appealing and informative.
  • Pay attention to your email’s layout. Ensure that your most important message or call-to-action (CTA) is prominently placed to grab readers’ attention.
  • Customize the color scheme and fonts to match your brand’s aesthetic, creating a cohesive and recognizable look.

Segmenting Your Audience

Step 1: Define Your Segments

  • Effective segmentation involves dividing your contact list into specific groups based on criteria such as demographics, behavior, or past engagement. This ensures that your message reaches the most relevant audience.
  • In Robly, navigate to your contact list and use the segmentation tools to create these groups. For instance, you might segment users who have previously engaged with a particular type of content or those within a certain geographic location.

Step 2: Tailor Your Message

  • For each segment, tailor your email’s message to address the interests, needs, or behaviors of that group. Personalization can significantly increase engagement rates and conversions.

Scheduling and Sending

Step 1: Choose the Best Time to Send

  • Robly’s AI-driven sending features can help determine the optimal time to send your email to each segment, maximizing open rates. Consider your audience’s time zone and typical online activity patterns.
  • Alternatively, you can select a specific time and date based on your knowledge of your audience or the timing of an event you’re promoting.

Step 2: Final Review and Send

  • Before scheduling your email, conduct a final review. Check for any typos, ensure all links are working, and preview how your email looks on different devices.
  • Once satisfied, schedule your email for the chosen time. Robly will automatically send the campaign to your segmented lists according to your settings.

Step 3: Monitor Performance

  • After sending, monitor the campaign’s performance through Robly’s analytics tools. Keep an eye on open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to gauge the effectiveness of your segmentation and design choices.

Creating your first email campaign with Robly is a straightforward process that opens up numerous possibilities for engaging your audience. By designing compelling emails, segmenting your audience wisely, and scheduling your campaign thoughtfully, you’re setting the stage for a successful email marketing strategy that can grow with your business.

Leveraging Robly’s AI Technology

Robly stands at the forefront of email marketing innovation, thanks in large part to its proprietary technologies, OpenGen and RoblyAI. These AI-driven features are designed to significantly enhance email open rates and overall engagement. Understanding how to effectively leverage these tools can transform your email marketing campaigns. Additionally, incorporating A/B testing into your strategy allows for continuous refinement and optimization.

OpenGen and RoblyAI

OpenGen Technology:

  • OpenGen is a revolutionary feature that increases the likelihood of your emails being opened by automatically sending a follow-up email to recipients who didn’t open the first one. This second email can be scheduled to send a few days after the initial email and can feature a different subject line to capture the recipient’s attention.
  • Best Practices: To maximize the effectiveness of OpenGen, craft a distinct and compelling subject line for the follow-up email that differentiates it from the first. Also, consider refining the content to better engage those who may have overlooked or skipped the initial send.


  • RoblyAI optimizes your email send times using predictive analytics. By analyzing the engagement patterns of each subscriber, RoblyAI determines the optimal time to deliver emails to each individual, thus maximizing open rates and engagement.
  • Best Practices: Ensure your subscriber list is up-to-date to allow RoblyAI to accurately analyze engagement patterns. Regularly cleaning your list and segmenting it based on subscriber behavior can enhance the precision of RoblyAI’s timing predictions.

Conducting A/B Testing with Robly

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method of comparing two versions of an email to see which one performs better. Robly facilitates A/B testing by allowing you to send two variations of your email to a small percentage of your total recipient list.

Setting Up A/B Testing:

  • Choose Your Variable: Decide on one element to test, such as the subject line, email content, or call-to-action. Changing one element at a time yields the most accurate results.
  • Prepare Your Variations: Create two versions of your email, each with a different iteration of the chosen variable. For example, if testing subject lines, develop two compelling options that you believe will resonate with your audience.
  • Select Your Sample Size and Duration: Determine the percentage of your list that will receive the test emails and the duration of the test before the winning version is sent to the remainder of your list.
  • Analyze the Results: After the test concludes, analyze the results to see which version had a higher open rate, click-through rate, or conversion rate, depending on your testing criteria.

Best Practices for A/B Testing:

  • Consistently conduct A/B tests with each campaign to gather ongoing insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors.
  • Use the insights gained from A/B testing to refine future campaigns, applying what you’ve learned about effective subject lines, content, and calls-to-action.
  • Document the outcomes of your tests to build a knowledge base of what works best for your specific audience over time.

Leveraging Robly’s AI technologies and conducting regular A/B testing are powerful strategies to enhance your email marketing efforts. By utilizing OpenGen and RoblyAI to optimize engagement and employing A/B testing to refine your approach, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and drive better results.

Analyzing Campaign Performance

Analyzing the performance of your email campaigns is crucial for refining your marketing strategies and achieving better engagement and conversion rates. Robly provides a comprehensive suite of analytics tools designed to give you a deep dive into how your campaigns are performing. Here’s how to effectively use Robly’s analytics to understand your campaign performance and leverage this information to make data-driven decisions.

Understanding Analytics

Accessing Campaign Analytics:

  • After sending out a campaign, you can access its performance metrics by navigating to the ‘Analytics’ or ‘Reports’ section within Robly. Here, you’ll find a dashboard summarizing the key metrics of your campaign.

Key Metrics Explained:

  • Open Rates: This metric shows the percentage of recipients who opened your email. High open rates generally indicate that your subject lines are compelling and relevant to your audience.
  • Click Rates: The click rate measures the percentage of recipients who clicked on one or more links contained in your email. This metric helps gauge the effectiveness of your email content and call-to-actions (CTAs).
  • Conversion Tracking: If your email has a specific goal, such as making a purchase or signing up for a webinar, conversion tracking measures how many recipients completed the desired action. Setting up conversion tracking may require integrating Robly with your website or sales platform.
  • Bounce Rates: This indicates the percentage of emails that couldn’t be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. High bounce rates can negatively impact your sender reputation, so it’s important to monitor and take steps to reduce them.
  • Unsubscribe Rates: The rate at which recipients are opting out of your email list after a campaign. While some unsubscribes are normal, a high rate may indicate that your content is not resonating with your audience.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Analyzing and Interpreting Data:

  • Review each key metric in the context of your campaign goals. For instance, if your goal was to increase website traffic, focus on click rates and conversion metrics.
  • Compare the performance of your campaign against industry benchmarks or your previous campaigns to identify areas of improvement.

Adjusting Future Campaigns:

  • Subject Lines and Content: If open rates are lower than expected, experiment with different subject lines. Use A/B testing to determine which styles or tones resonate more with your audience.
  • Engagement Strategies: For campaigns with low click rates, consider revising your email content. Ensure that your CTAs are clear, compelling, and visually stand out.
  • Segmentation: Tailor your campaigns more closely to specific segments of your audience based on their interests and behaviors. Personalization can significantly improve both open and click rates.
  • Optimize Send Times: Utilize Robly’s AI-driven send times for future campaigns to ensure your emails are reaching recipients when they are most likely to engage.

Iterative Improvement:

  • Email marketing success is built on continuous improvement. Regularly review your analytics, test different strategies, and adjust based on what the data tells you. Keep track of the changes you make and how they impact campaign performance to develop a data-driven approach to your email marketing.

By thoroughly analyzing your campaign performance and making informed adjustments based on Robly’s analytics, you can enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Understanding how to interpret and act on analytics data empowers you to optimize your strategies for better engagement, higher conversion rates, and overall marketing success.

Advanced Features and Integrations

Robly’s platform extends beyond basic email campaign management, offering a suite of advanced features and integrations designed to automate and streamline your marketing efforts. By leveraging automation workflows and integrating Robly with other tools, you can enhance subscriber engagement and improve efficiency across your marketing and sales processes.

Automation Workflows

Setting Up Automated Email Sequences:

  • Welcome Sequences for New Subscribers: Automatically send a series of welcome emails to new subscribers. This can include an introductory message, details about your products or services, and special offers to engage new leads from the moment they sign up.
  • Birthday and Anniversary Emails: Increase personalization by setting up automated emails that celebrate subscriber milestones. Use subscriber data to send personalized birthday wishes or commemorate the anniversary of their subscription or first purchase.
  • Behavioral Triggers: Create email sequences triggered by specific subscriber actions, such as visiting a particular page on your website or abandoning a shopping cart. These targeted emails can encourage subscribers to complete a purchase or engage further with your content.

Best Practices for Automation:

  • Segment your audience to ensure automated emails are as relevant as possible to each subscriber group.
  • Regularly review and update your automated sequences to keep content fresh and aligned with your current marketing strategies.
  • Monitor the performance of automated emails just as you would with regular campaigns, using Robly’s analytics to refine and improve your sequences over time.

Integrating Robly with Other Tools

Seamless Integration with CRM Platforms:

  • Integrating Robly with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can significantly enhance your email marketing efforts. This integration allows for a seamless flow of subscriber data between systems, enabling you to tailor your email campaigns based on detailed customer profiles and interaction histories.

E-commerce Tool Integration:

  • Connect Robly with your e-commerce platform to automate email notifications for order confirmations, shipping updates, and abandoned cart reminders. This integration can help increase sales and improve the customer shopping experience by providing timely and relevant information.

Utilizing Other Software Integrations:

  • Robly’s flexibility extends to integrations with a wide range of other software, including social media platforms, analytics tools, and more. These integrations can help you expand your marketing reach, gather more comprehensive data, and streamline workflows across different aspects of your business.

Implementing Integrations:

  • Explore Robly’s integration options within the platform’s settings or integrations section.
  • Follow the provided instructions to connect Robly with other tools you use. This may involve entering API keys or authenticating your accounts.
  • Once set up, customize the integration settings to fit your specific workflow needs, such as defining which data should sync between Robly and the integrated platforms.

By taking full advantage of Robly’s automation workflows and integrations, you can not only save time but also create a more cohesive and personalized marketing strategy. These advanced features empower you to build deeper connections with your subscribers, streamline your operations, and drive better results from your email marketing efforts.

Best Practices for Email Marketing with Robly

Maximizing the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts with Robly involves not just understanding the platform’s features but also applying best practices in content creation and list maintenance. These strategies ensure your campaigns resonate with your audience and maintain high deliverability and engagement rates.

Content Creation Tips

Crafting Compelling Subject Lines:

  • Your subject line is the first impression subscribers have of your email. Make it captivating and relevant, using action verbs or posing questions to pique interest. Personalization, such as including the recipient’s name, can also increase open rates.

Develop Engaging Content:

  • Use a Clear and Concise Message: Your email content should be straightforward and to the point, conveying your message effectively without overwhelming the reader.
  • Visual Appeal: Incorporate visuals like images, GIFs, and videos to break up text and add an engaging element to your emails. Ensure they align with your brand and the message you’re conveying.
  • Personalize Your Content: Use Robly’s personalization features to tailor the email content to individual subscribers. This could include mentioning their name, referencing past purchases, or suggesting products based on their preferences.
  • Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Every email should have a clear objective, whether it’s to drive traffic to your website, promote a product, or encourage event registration. Make your CTA stand out, and place it prominently within your email.

List Maintenance

Regularly Clean Your Email List:

  • An up-to-date email list is crucial for maintaining high deliverability rates and engagement. Use Robly’s Email Verification tool to remove invalid or inactive email addresses that contribute to bounces and low engagement.

Keep Your Subscriber Information Current:

  • Encourage subscribers to update their preferences and contact information periodically. This can be facilitated through a subscriber preferences link included in your emails.
  • Segment your list based on engagement levels, demographics, or behavior. Regularly review and adjust these segments to reflect changes in your audience’s interests or interactions with your brand.

Re-engage Inactive Subscribers:

  • Implement re-engagement campaigns targeting subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked through your emails in a while. Offer special deals or ask for feedback on why they’ve disengaged. If there’s no response after a couple of attempts, consider removing them from your active list to improve overall engagement rates.

Adopt a Permission-Based Approach:

  • Ensure your list consists of subscribers who have explicitly opted in to receive emails from you. This not only complies with email marketing laws but also enhances engagement, as your audience has shown a genuine interest in your brand.

By focusing on creating compelling, personalized content and maintaining a clean, well-segmented email list, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns with Robly. These best practices not only foster better engagement and conversion rates but also contribute to a positive and lasting relationship with your subscribers.

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Robly Tutorial: Conclusion

As we’ve explored throughout this guide, Robly emerges as a standout email marketing platform in 2024, offering a rich array of features designed to enhance engagement, improve deliverability, and streamline the marketing workflow. From its intuitive email editor and comprehensive segmentation capabilities to innovative AI technologies like OpenGen and RoblyAI, Robly equips marketers with the tools needed to create impactful, personalized email campaigns.

The platform’s automation workflows and robust integration options further underscore its value, enabling users to efficiently manage subscriber interactions and integrate seamlessly with a wide range of other business tools. Moreover, Robly’s analytics provide deep insights into campaign performance, allowing marketers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies continually.

As you embark on your email marketing journey with Robly, we encourage you to dive deep into its features and experiment with different strategies to find what resonates best with your audience. Whether it’s tweaking your email design, refining your segmentation, or optimizing send times with RoblyAI, there’s always room for innovation and improvement.

We invite you to share your experiences, feedback, and success stories with the Robly community. Whether you’re encountering challenges, celebrating wins, or have discovered innovative uses for Robly’s features, your insights are invaluable. By sharing our experiences, we can build a vibrant community of Robly users, rich in shared knowledge and mutual support.

Robly stands as a powerful ally in the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing in 2024. By leveraging its comprehensive suite of features, you can not only meet but exceed your email marketing goals, driving engagement and fostering lasting relationships with your audience. So go ahead, explore Robly’s potential, and take your email marketing to new heights.

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